Ylovetoys Hands-Free No-Drip Inverted Double Layer Umbrella Review

Ylovetoys Hands-Free No-Drip Inverted Double Layer Umbrella Review

You just left a mall carrying a couple of shopping bags with both hands, when you saw the torrential downpour outside. If you had brought your ordinary umbrella, you would have waited hours for the rain to stop before you could get to your car.

But no, you have your Ylovetoys Inverted Design Umbrella, so you simply wear the ergonomic umbrella handle on your arms, carry the shopping bags with both hands and walk straight to your car. Easy.

You can use the Ylovetoys Inverted Umbrella hands-free because of its innovative C-shape handle. It’s the perfect umbrella to use when you’re on your crutches, carrying your baby, your books, or while texting. It frees both of your hands to do important stuff while keeping you away from the getting wet or sunburned.

Once you get to your destination, you won’t be concerned or annoyed about drips all over the carpet or inside your car. Ylovetoys Hands-Free No-Drip Inverted Double Layer Umbrella is designed with an inverted reverse feature that keeps the wet side inside when folded.  So, you won’t have to worry about brushing your wet umbrella up, not just against your own clothes or bag, but also against strangers. It’ll definitely save you from future embarrassment, unlike ordinary umbrellas.

Features of Ylovetoys Hands-Free No-Drip Inverted Double Layer Umbrella

  • No-Drip. With its creative inside out design, Ylovetoys umbrella keeps the wet side inside once folded. It stops the excess water from dripping down the floor and causing a mess inside your car, your home or your office.
  • No Hands. The C-shape rubberized plastic matte handle frees your hands to do other stuff like texting while carrying shopping bags while you walk under the rain. You won’t have to strain your hands again. The space in the handle where you insert your arm is 3.45 inches by 2.14 inches, just the right fit for most the people’s arm size. For larger individuals, they can place it on their wrists.
  • Triple Protection. This innovative umbrella protects you not just from water but also from the wind and the sun. Perfect to use anytime of the day and in any weather of the year. With its Double Layers High-Density Water Repellent Fabric, rest assure that it will keep you dry and shaded at all times.
  • Sun Protection. The fabric is also designed with a UPF>50+ SunScreen protection that will protect you from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. Its double layers keep the light transmittance zero.
  • Wind Protection. Ylovetoys umbrella frame and the skeleton are cleverly made to resist the wind in any direction. Its central rod is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. Its ribs are created with hard-wearing fiberglass ribs, while its canopy is industrially sewn and designed to have ventilated double layer where the wind can flow efficiently around and out the umbrella preventing it from flipping inside out.
  • Fun Colors. Its double layer fabric comes in two colors. The outside layer is mostly black for the UV protection while the inside layer comes in a wide array of colors and designs to choose from. There are plain colors like light blue, pink, and lavender, patterns like stripes and gradients, and designs like flower and peacocks. You will surely make it through the rain in style.


Fabric: Double layer high-density water repellent fabric

Ribs: 8 ribs made of Carbon fiber high hardness skeleton

Handle: Rubberized plastic matte painting handle

Folding Function: Manually Operated

Open Canopy size: 42.1 inches in diameter

Closed Canopy size: 31. 9 inches long

C-Handle Inner width: 2.12 inches x 3.7 inches wide

Weight: 1.23 lbs

Storage: Stands on its own and comes with a carrying bag

Coverage: 1-2 individuals


Aside from the cool, innovative features that Ylovetoys Inverted Umbrella offers, such as the hands-free handle and the triple protection, here are some other positive aspects of this product, based on the experience of its users.

  • It’s cool that the double layer fabric functions not just for keeping the water out but also keeping the metal frames invisible, unlike most umbrellas.
  • Since it is designed as an inverted umbrella, when you fold it, you will see the graphic design outside, making it cool to walk around with. The black wet side is safely tucked in when folded.
  • It can stand on its own as a full-size


  • Since it is a full-size umbrella, some users do not like the fact that they cannot put it inside their purse or bags for easy carriage. It is very large, bulky and heavy for others, too.
  • The handle, although quite handy, easily comes off and is hard to put back on.
  • It is not automatic.


Ylovetoys Inverted Design Umbrella is designed creatively hitting three birds with one stone – being hands-free, drip-free and boasts of its triple protection system. The design is outstanding, and the cool colors and graphics make it very trendy to walk around with. However, many customers experienced being disappointed with its size and the rickety frames. Without a lifetime guarantee feature, buying this umbrella will be a trendy gamble.

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