Umenice Automatic 9-rib Travel Umbrella Review

Umenice Automatic 9-rib Travel Umbrella Review

An umbrella is a reliable tool that protects us from extreme sunlight or sudden rain. We feel confident to walk under the sun or rain because the umbrella covers us. Regardless of designs and shapes, umbrellas are made of the same components built together to be sturdy against outside elements. Among these components are the canopy, shaft, runner, stretchers, and ribs.

Umbrellas are usually made of 6-8 ribs that hold the canopy and attach to the shaft to create a sturdy support. But stronger umbrellas are built with 9–10 ribs. This means that the more ribs, the more the canopy is securely held in place. It prevents the umbrella from flipping inside out and makes it wind resistant.

That is why the number of ribs is considered when buying an umbrella. Other buying factors include the sturdiness of the shaft, a comfortable handle, a compact and lightweight design, and good coverage. The price is not an indicating factor of a good quality kind of umbrella. Not all pricey umbrellas last for long, and some inexpensive ones are very reliable.

You might not go looking for a sturdy umbrella anywhere else when you know about the Umenice Automatic 9-rib Travel Umbrella. Below are the lists of features, pros, and cons of this high rated umbrella.

Features of Umenice Automatic 9-rib Travel Umbrella

The Umenice Automatic 9-rib Travel Umbrella is an automatic umbrella that opens or closes with just one hand. Cover yourself instantly from rain or sunlight with just a press of the button. It easily opens or closes with just one button press.

When you open it, the canopy covers a large area. In fact, its diameter is 39 inches. It prevents splashes of rain water or extra rays of sunlight.

When closed, its length is only 11.5 inches. It easily fits inside bags without consuming much space. You can conveniently carry it anywhere you go without so much effort and space.

The canopy of this Umenice Travel Umbrella is made of 210T thread count fabric. It is certified resistant against oil, water, and dust by Charmous Dupont Teflon.

THe Umenice Travel Umbrella ensures strength and durability. It has 9 ribs made of high-grade steel and premium fiberglass. The shaft is a black steel tri folded strengthened with 360-degree heat treatment. These components are built together in premium workmanship for maximum firmness and protection.

It has a rubberized non-slip grip so users can easily hold it. All these features and this awesome travel umbrella can be yours at a very affordable price. It is one of the most inexpensive umbrellas yet one of the most windproof and flexible too. This high rated umbrella comes with pros and cons. It is not a perfect product but it has more advantages than its disadvantages. Know more about it by reading the list of pros and cons below:


  • 9 rib construction
  • Windproof
  • Rust, water, and dust repellant canopy
  • Automatic open/close mechanism
  • Very strong
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable grip
  • Very rigid materials and construction
  • Compact
  • Very affordable


  • A bit heavy


An umbrella is a very convenient tool that protects us from the sun and rain. But not all kinds of umbrellas are easy to carry and use. Some are big and can’t be put inside the bag or luggage, while others are not that easy to open or close. It is important to choose an umbrella that is both compact and easy to use.

If you travel a lot or love outdoor activities, bringing an umbrella is always a wise idea. Rain or shine, the umbrella offers protection. Bring a travel perfect umbrella – something that covers a large area and is built with durable materials and construction. A comfortable grip is also a good factor.

All these features can be found in the Umenice Automatic 9-rib Travel Umbrella. It is a very convenient umbrella when it comes to carrying it and using it. It is made with very strong materials such as the 360-degree heat treated shaft, 9 high-grade steel/fiberglass ribs, and dust- and water-resistant canopy. It might be a bit heavy but it is compact and doesn’t consume much space inside the bag or luggage.

One of the most inexpensive umbrellas, this Umenice Travel Umbrella is also one of the most durable and easy to use too. Travel in style and always be ready with sudden rain or extreme sunlight with the Umenice Umbrella.

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