Vumos Small Mini Umbrella Review

Vumos Small Mini Umbrella Review

The weather forecast says that it will be a rainy afternoon. You should definitely bring an umbrella, but your bag is already full and your umbrella is quite big and heavy. What should you do? Brave the rain? Good thing there are lots of modern umbrellas today that are compact and light.

Umbrellas come in different sizes and styles. Most of them are round shaped, but there are also other shapes. They also come in different colors. Over the years, umbrellas have undergone continuous development. Today, there are now many different kinds of umbrellas. Some are the classic umbrellas, automatic umbrellas, pocket or compact umbrellas, bubble umbrellas, and high wind or storm umbrellas.

Whatever kind or style of the umbrella that suits your personal preference, always remember few things when buying one. One factor to consider is the size of the canopy. The recommended size is 10 – 11 inches long, just enough compactness and coverage. The materials should also be considered. A waterproof canopy withstands rain and fiberglass ribs are less prone to breakage.

One example of a good umbrella is the Vumos Small Mini Umbrella with Case. If you are looking for an umbrella that does not need much space in your bag, this is what you’re looking for.

Features of Vumos Small Mini Umbrella

The Vumos Small Mini Umbrella with Case is made with fiberglass ribs that won’t break even in strong winds. It is supported by a rustproof black metal shaft that also withstands harsh conditions.

It features a durable canopy made with Pongee fabric, coated to resist water. Rain will slide off the canopy and in just one shake the umbrella can be safely put into its case.

The canopy is 35 inches long and the shaft is 20.5 inches long. It can protect you from rain but has a compact build that is easy to carry.

This Vumos umbrella is very compact. It is an ideal travel umbrella that only weighs 210 grams or 7.4 ounces with the case. Yes, it comes with a small case where it can be stored. The case is waterproof too and is only 7 inches long.

No worry about a mismatched outfit. This umbrella comes in different colors that easily match any outfit. The black umbrella is a great fashion accessory and goes well with everything. If black is not your thing, there are many other colors to choose from: red, pink, blue, green, purple, orange, and more.

It also comes with a lifetime guarantee that allows you to return it for refund and replacement.

The Vumos Small Mini Umbrella with Case has many features. Among these features are advantages, but like any other product, this umbrella has flaws too.


  • Very lightweight
  • Compact
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Waterproof, lightweight case
  • Fiberglass ribs
  • Rust proof shaft
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Good backup umbrella
  • Very convenient
  • Nice colors


  • Not that strong
  • Flimsy locking mechanism
  • Poorly made handle


Don’t let yourself get caught in the rain. Always bring an umbrella. But bringing an umbrella is sometimes inconvenient because they can be heavy and consume space. Not anymore with the Vumos Small Mini Umbrella with Case. It is very lightweight and compact so it is very convenient to carry. It also comes with a compact case for storage.

The Vumos Small Mini Umbrella with Case is made with waterproof Pongee fabric and a rust resistant shaft. The ribs are made of fiberglass that won’t easily break in strong winds. It also features different colors that you can choose from – red, pink, orange, light blue, purple, black, and more.

Users like it because it is easy to carry and has durable materials. However, it has some flaws too such as a flimsy handle and locking mechanism. Despite these flaws, Vumos is confident with its product. This umbrella comes with a lifetime guarantee that allows you to return or replace it with a new unit.

Similar to the Vumos Small Mini Umbrella with Case is the Procella Travel Umbrella. It is also a compact, lightweight umbrella. It is also stylish and functional. But what makes the Vumos Small Mini Umbrella with Case better is it’s more affordable, as it comes with both a carrying case and a lifetime guarantee.

The Vumos Small Mini Umbrella with Case may not be a perfect umbrella, but it is a very reliable, lightweight umbrella that you can bring anywhere. Always be ready with rain – always bring a Vumos umbrella.

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