Repel Wind and Water Proof Teflon 3-Fold Umbrella with Fiberglass Ribs Review

Repel Wind and Water Proof Teflon 3-Fold Umbrella with Fiberglass Ribs Review

When walking during rainy days, we are always threatened with unexpected gusts of rain that may ruin our outfit and our day. But if you have Repel umbrella with you, you don’t need to worry because you can be sure that it will protect and keep you dry, all the way to your destination.

Repel is a wind-and-water-proof, three-fold umbrella made with a chrome metal shaft and frame, Teflon coating and a rubberized handle for secure grip. While other portable umbrellas only have six to eight ribs, Repel Wind and Water Proof Teflon 3-Fold Umbrella is reinforced with nine ribs, making it capable of resisting high gusts of wind without flipping inside out.

Repel’s ribs are resin-strengthened fiberglass, the strongest material in the umbrella industry.  The only part it allows for bending with the wind is the ends ribs, which means it is flexible enough to be stable in windy conditions. The fact that fiberglass is corrosion-resistant makes it the best umbrella around, insusceptible to breakage and wear.

Features of Repel Wind and Water Proof Teflon 3-Fold Umbrella

  • Windproof. Unlike most umbrellas with few aluminum ribs, Repel is constructed with nine ribs that enable it to flex a little to endure strong winds that may turn umbrellas the wrong way up.
  • Water-Proof. With the technology of Teflon, Repel doesn’t just keep you dry while walking under the rain, it also dries itself instantly with a little wiggle after use. This travel umbrella protects you against the wind and rain like a pro.
  • Compact and Very Light. Repel is very handy and light as it only measures 11.5 inches long, 2 inches in diameter and weighs not more than 14 ounces. It’s your perfect emergency umbrella that you can store in your purse, backpack, briefcase, luggage and other storage areas. You can also put an extra Repel in your car’s glove compartment or your office, in case of emergencies.
  • Large Canopy. When opened, Repel ‘s canopy pops out at 42 inches, providing you with enough room to stay dry on rainy days or giving your generous shade on sunny days.
  • For easy use, Repel is designed with an automatic open and close function which you can activate with a single hand.
  • Excellent Sturdy Frame. The workmanship, that the manufacturers employed in making Repel, is simply Its sturdy metal frame and 3-fold metal shaft, plated with chrome, allow Repel to be stable on windy days.
  • Ergonomic Handle. Repel has a slip-proof rubberized handle, which can lessen stress on your hands while holding the umbrella, and a wrist strap, for effortless carrying. Also included in the packages is a protective sleeve made of Teflon.
  • Lifetime Through Repel’s lifetime replacement guarantee program, owners will surely be protected against not just rain, but also snow. Once something goes wrong with your Repel, we will immediately send you a replacement for free.


Repel has many positive features that any buyer of an umbrella could dream of. It is wind proof and waterproof, excellently designed to be sturdy, flexible and it is ergonomic. Most of the customers who already bought this have experienced the following positive aspects of Repel.

  • It can be used in almost all kinds of weather. They have to used it on rainy, sunny and snowy days, proving it actually can ‘repel’ the elements that threaten to ruin their day.
  • Despite its size, it can hold off a beastly wind even during a storm. Other customers even used it during typhoons with a rainstorm and heavy They were impressed how it seems indestructible against nature’s elements.
  • While everyone else’s umbrellas are flipping inside out from the heavy gusts, you can rest assured your Repel won’t.
  • Even though the end Repel umbrella’s ribs flip inside out during strong winds, you will notice that the ribs do not break and it quickly flips back to its normal This is its flexible feature, that prevents the umbrella from breaking easily, unlike inflexible umbrellas.
  • The automatic open and close function, which deploys the canopy with a simple push of the little button, impresses most users.
  • When you’re out of the rain, the canopy made from high-quality Teflon dries instantly. This feature makes the umbrella easy to bring everywhere without worrying where you’ll place your umbrella. With a little wiggle, you can return it to the protective sleeve and put it in your bag. It’s quite convenient.


While most people will be impressed by its actual performance, you may find its features lacking, such as the following;

  • People with large build may not be very well protected by the Repel umbrella.
  • The handle, although ergonomic, is very small for large users.
  • Because of its collapsible features, the ribs are likely to break or get dislocated with frequent use.


The bottom line is most people love the Repel Wind and Water Proof Teflon 3-Fold Umbrella with Fiberglass Ribs because of its compact size and sturdy build. The lifetime warranty also sweetens the user’s experience. For the individuals with an average build, looking for an umbrella that’s small, sturdy and easy to dry, we highly recommend this product.

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