Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella with Reinforced Canopy and Fail-Safe Flip Technology Review

Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella with Reinforced Canopy and Fail-Safe Flip Technology Review

The Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella may be the last umbrella you’ll ever need. It is the right combination of size, strength, ergonomics, user-friendly, and durability you’re looking for in an umbrella, that can last a lifetime.

Rain-Mate is a dependable company that takes pride in building and designing top-quality products that give invincible protection. They build small, lightweight travel umbrellas that can last for years. You definitely won’t waste your money on their products, unlike cheap, easily destructible umbrellas in the market.

They have served over 20,000 delighted customers with their innovative products and sturdy designs. Rain-mate’s secret – making their products only from high-quality materials and conducting extensive research, development, and testing of their products.

Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella, unlike cheap compact umbrellas, is a heavy-duty water and wind-resistant umbrella that can protect you from whatever Mother Nature brings. It is designed and manufactured to be indestructible, automatic and durable, so that you won’t need to replace it with other umbrellas for years.

It is wind resistant and waterproof, protecting you from heavy rainfall and sudden gusts of wind.

It’s strengthened fiberglass ribs, metal shaft and frame make the Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella durable and indestructible, against harsh weather conditions.

It also features an automatic close and open mechanism which quickly opens the canopy with a simple touch of a button, located on the rubberized handle. It expands and collapses the canopy in an instant, no need to push it up and down. Unlike the old-style folding mechanisms of most umbrellas, Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella can be operated with just one hand, freeing the other hand to hold something else and prevent your fingers from being pinched.

Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella is very light and compact, yet it can provide a generous 42 inches of the canopy to cover an average adult perfectly well. Once it collapses, it becomes small at 12 inches long, making it an excellent travel companion.

If your keep one these umbrellas in your car, office, and travel luggage, you’ll surely be protected whenever and wherever!

Features of Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella with Reinforced Canopy

  • Indestructible Fail-Safe Flip. Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella is invulnerable against any weather because of its canopy’s fail-safe technology making it survive heavy rainfall and high This technology allows the hinges of the fiberglass ribs to invert but prevents it from bending or breaking.
  • Weather-Proof Design. Unlike most umbrellas with only 6-8 ribs, Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella has nine strengthened fiberglass ribs and durable metal shaft and frame making it extremely wind resistant and water proof against the onslaught of storms, snow, and other the harsh weather conditions.
  • Compact travel size. Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella is designed with a three-fold telescopic shaft. It collapses into a small 12-inch umbrella, yet when it opens, it boasts 42 inches in diameter, perfect for covering one adult comfortably with enough space for sharing with others. It also has a travel sleeve so you can keep your other things dry when you put it in the bag. It is so compact that you can place it easily in your luggage, purse, backpack, glove compartment, and others.
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Rain-Mate ensures that, if in the unlikely event, your umbrella gets destroyed, they will replace it with a new one without any cost.


Aside from the indestructibility that Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella offers, here are some of the positive aspects of this product based on the experience of its users.

  • The price is worth it because you won’t have to replace your umbrella every now and then, unlike cheap ones.
  • The automatic open and close mechanism is perfect when you’re carrying something in one hand while you’re holding the umbrella, and you want to get into your car. Simply push the button, and it collapses quickly.
  • It can be shared with one person.
  • Their customer service is awesome and the lifetime warranty actually The company has customer service support that will assist you in case there’s a problem with the unit you bought, and they will even call you if you’ve received your order or not.
  • The handle is just the right size, so that a hand can hold on comfortably for an extended period of time.
  • Even persons with a large-build can be sufficiently covered by the canopy of Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella.


While customer experience with Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella is mostly positive, there are a few of the negative aspects where it needs to improve.

  • The metal shaft or pole is not long enough. For ladies who wear high buns, it may touch the inner top of the canopy.
  • Some were disappointed by the size because although it’s small, it cannot fit inside small purses and jacket pockets, unlike mini travel umbrellas.


It’s basically indestructible, what more can you want? For a few dollars, you can have the umbrella to last you for years. For a heavy-duty, foldable, compact, travel umbrella, Rain-Mate is definitely a sound investment. The positive feedback outweighs the negative aspects. Definitely keep one in your home, office and your car in cases of emergencies. Whatever the weather, Rain-Mate is your best protection.

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