Pluvio Travel Mini Umbrella with Case Review

Pluvio Travel Mini Umbrella with Case Review

An umbrella is the most common protection against the sun and rain. It comes in different sizes and shapes – from the golf umbrella as the largest to the pocket umbrella as the smallest. Some umbrellas are intended for personal, compact, and handy use, while others are intended to cover a larger area. They are continuously undergoing new development, resulting in hundreds of umbrella patents and designs.

When it comes to buying an umbrella, the price tag is not an important factor. But umbrellas in the $30 to $40 range generally are better quality. They offer larger coverage, more durability, and automatic opening/closing mechanisms. Nonetheless, there are few inexpensive umbrellas that offer better features too. Some of these umbrellas are compact and lightweight that they are very convenient travel companions.

A comfortable umbrella handle is also a factor to be considered. It should be made of rubber and cushioned for maximum comfort and handling. Another factor is the canopy. The canopy should be made of water resistant, durable materials. A vented or two layer canopy prevents the umbrella from flipping inside out, although a canopy that allows outward movement makes it more windproof.

One of the most important factors for buying an everyday travel umbrella is the weight and size. It should be small and lightweight enough to be conveniently stowed inside the bag or luggage. One of the best selling compact umbrellas today is the Pluvio Travel Mini Umbrella with Case. What makes it stand out?

Features of Pluvio Travel Mini Umbrella with Case

The Pluvio Travel Mini Umbrella with Case is a pocket sized umbrella that easily fits inside a handbag, briefcase, or gear bag. It is best for traveling and bringing to outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, commuting, and more. It discreetly fits in purses, tote bags, or coat pockets.

Another factor why it is perfect for traveling is its lightweight feature. It does not add load or burden.

This Pluvio Travel Umbrella features special UV lining on the canopy. It protects the user from harmful UV rays and rain as well. It is perfect for sunny days especially for people who commute or travel.

Keep it secured and prevent any tears. This pocket umbrella comes with a zippered carrying case to keep things organized and neat. It keeps wet umbrella from dry stuff.

Aside from being compact, this umbrella sports a stylish design. It is burgundy red in color that is unique from all other umbrellas.

Among these features, the Pluvio Travel Umbrella is still inexpensive compared to other compact umbrellas. The Pluvio Travel Mini Umbrella with Case is a high rated pocket umbrella. Among its features above are the advantages and drawbacks below. Know more what else you can get with it by reading the following lists of pros and cons.


  • UV protection
  • Pocket size
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Comes with convenient zip case
  • Elegant, burgundy red design
  • Fits easily in coat pockets


  • Barely wide enough
  • Not as strong as bigger umbrellas


There are some factors to be considered when buying an umbrella. These factors include the comfort of its grip or handle, a sturdy canopy, a rust resistant shaft, whether it’s compact, and more. Many people prefer using a compact, lightweight umbrella because it easily fits inside bags and jacket pockets and does not add a burden.

One good compact umbrella is the Pluvio Travel Mini Umbrella with Case. It is extremely lightweight that it feels like you’re not carrying it. It is very small and easily fits in bags and jacket pockets. But what’s beyond its ultra lightweight and compact feature is the special UV lining protection. It blocks the harmful sun rays, preventing skin damage and cancer. It gives you the protection that you need against both the rain and the sun.

However, since it is small, this Pluvio Travel Umbrella is barely wide enough to cover you. It might not be as strong as bigger umbrellas as well. But what makes it loved by users is its compact features and elegant design. It also comes with a zippered case to keep your bag organized.

Other umbrellas that have similar features are the Loplay Kids Small Light Umbrella, Small Mini Umbrella with Case, etc. But the Pluvio Travel Mini Umbrella with Case stands out because it is very affordable and offers great protection against harmful sun rays. Compared to other compact umbrellas, the Pluvio Travel Umbrella features an elegant burgundy red design that suits many outfits.

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