Nooformer Compact Water and UV Proof Mini Travel Umbrella Review

Nooformer Compact Water and UV Proof Mini Travel Umbrella Review

Are you looking for a small umbrella you can easily tuck in your bag or purse to protect you from sun and rain anytime you travel?  Nooformer Travel Umbrella is a mini portable umbrella and a reliable companion when you are on the go. It is your perfect companion and protector whenever storms start to brew, wherever you’re traveling.

Nooformer Compact Travel Umbrella is designed with telescoping shafts, industrially sewn with waterproof fabric canopy that folds into a highly portable umbrella. It is lightweight, only weighing 7 ounces and takes up less space than other conventional umbrellas.

The Nooformer Compact Water and UV Proof Mini Travel Umbrella is the best choice for travel because it is very convenient to carry in your bag so you will be ready in case of sudden rain showers or too much heat of the sun. You can even put it in the pocket of your jacket, and you’re ready to go.

Features of Nooformer Compact Water and UV Proof Mini Travel Umbrella

  • Ultra-Lightweight. Nooformer Mini Travel Umbrella is very light weighing only 7 ounces. Measuring only 6.6 inches in length, you can even fit it in your purse when you’re out on a date. If you’re going hiking or traveling out of the country, this umbrella’s size and weight is perfect for your backpack or suitcase. Due to its weight, you won’t need to worry about hurting your back, like with carrying ordinary umbrellas.
  • 5-Rib Construction. Its pole is made of high-quality aluminum foil, and it only has 5 folding ribs, which makes it lighter than most umbrellas.
  • Anti-Ultraviolet ray Canopy. Nooformer Mini Travel Umbrella boasts of its black water-resistant canopy that can provide 95% UV protection from the sun. Its broad canopy provides you enough protection from sudden rain and gives you shade from the hot and harsh rays of the sun.


Fabric Material: Single Layer Durable and high-impact black water-resistant fabric

Fabric Density: 210T fabric

Ribs: 5 ribs made aluminum alloy support central rod and fiberglass ribs

Handle: black plastic matte handle

Folding Function: Manually Operated

Open Canopy size: 34 inches in diameter

Closed Canopy size: 6.6 inches long

Weight: 7 ounces

Storage: Stands on its own when open it comes with a protective sleeve

Color: Black and Plain Colors

Coverage: 1 individual


Here are some of the positive aspects of this product, based on the experience of its users:

  • Its ultra-light weight is the most positive feature of this umbrella. Its size is as big as the palm of your hand. Users especially love how it can fit everywhere, especially in small purses and bags. You won’t even notice that it is there. That’s why it is best for emergency purposes.
  • It ensures protection from sudden rain showers.
  • It is efficient in giving enough shade for a single person during summertime.
  • It provides excellent cover for kids on sunny days and mild, rainy days. It can even fit two small kids.
  • Best used as a disposable umbrella, during emergency times.
  • The length is short; suitable for females and children to hold and carry.
  • It comes in black and bright colors to match the preference of its users.


Here are the negative aspects of this umbrella, according to the experience of its users.

  • Because of its compact size, it is definitely not made for larger people.
  • It doesn’t protect you from heavy rainfall and sudden gusts of wind.
  • You cannot share this umbrella with someone. The cover space is exactly for one person only.
  • It cannot protect you from sudden gusts of wind. Due to its 5-rib construction, it will definitely flip inside-out and probably get destroyed if you use it during storms.
  • Other users find it hard to close and open, and the mechanism is hard to operate.
  • The handle of the umbrella is uncomfortable and odd, making it hard to hold.
  • Some observed that the pole is made of fragile metal which snags up when you close and open it.
  • The open and close button, that needs to be pushed to work, is placed under the canopy, and most people with big hands find it hard to get to it.
  • The ribs easily get crooked especially when used in heavy rainfall with sudden gusts, making it impossible to put back in its protective sleeve when it gets deformed.


The Nooformer Compact Water and UV Proof Mini Travel Umbrella is particularly useful for sunny days and slight rains. It is not advisable to be used during a storm or heavy rainfall with sudden gusts of wind. You’ll definitely get wet if you do.

Nooformer is a perfect emergency umbrella when, on an average day, you’re expecting slight rain showers. It’s also good for keeping you shaded under the sun. It fits anywhere, and you wouldn’t even notice it’s there. If you’re rich, you can buy more of this as a disposable umbrella, stored in your car or your house in case of emergencies or when your friend needs to borrow one. Just do not expect it to be durable, as it cannot withstand frequent use against forces of nature.

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