Benkii 60 Mph Windproof 10 Rib Travel Umbrella Review

Benkii 60 Mph Windproof 10 Rib Travel Umbrella Review

Umbrellas are made of several components that help them withstand the sun, rain, and wind. One of these components is the canopy. The canopy is a water repellant fabric such as microfiber that spreads out to provide shade when the umbrella is opened. The runner controls the opening or closing mechanism of the umbrella, while the shaft moves and can telescope into shorter or longer lengths.

There are different kinds of umbrellas. The oldest is the classic umbrella that easily closes or opens manually. The automatic umbrella is more convenient; it is made with an automated mechanical design the opens or closes using only one hand. The pocket umbrella is very lightweight and small enough to be easily carried for travel or commuting.

These umbrellas have advantages and disadvantages. For example, compact umbrellas are convenient but provide barely enough protection, and classic umbrellas are very durable but might not be easy to carry. There are several factors to consider when buying an umbrella, but the most important is your purpose and personal choice.

Do you want a compact umbrella with automatic mechanical construction? Well, this Benkii 60 Mph Windproof 10 Rib Travel Umbrella is a good choice. Below are the features, pros, and cons that make it stand out.

Features of Benkii 60 Mph Windproof 10 Rib Travel Umbrella

The Benkii 60 Mph Windproof 10 Rib Travel Umbrella is made 10 rib constructions, making it very strong and able to withstand strong winds. This 10 rib umbrella lessens the tendency of the canopy to flip inside out. Usual umbrellas have 6 – 8 ribs, which don’t provide enough durability to withstand wind and rainfall.

Each rib is made of bendable, resin reinforced fiberglass. These ribs return to their original shape and position safely and without any damage.

The canopy is made of extremely water resistant material. High-density. strong 210PG bounces the rainwater off the canopy. It is abrasion resistant and mildew resistant too.

Compared to other ultra compact umbrellas, this Benkii Umbrella provides a generous 45-inch canopy. It is enough coverage to protect the user against the sun or rain. This canopy retracts to only 12 inches, which makes it more compact compared to classic umbrellas.

This Benkii umbrella stands the test of time.  It has a strong metal frame that supports all the other components of the umbrella. It has a comfortable handle too for easy grip.

It features a convenient automatic open/close mechanism. You can instantly protect yourself from sun or rain with just one hand.

To ensure the manufacturer’s confidence in its product, this Benkii Umbrella comes with a lifetime guarantee. For 90 days, you can have a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product and free repairs for a lifetime. This Benkii Travel Umbrella comes with advantages and disadvantages that are all listed below:


  • Heavy wind resistant
  • 10 rib construction
  • Heavy duty metal frame
  • Retractable shaft
  • Enough canopy coverage
  • Abrasion resistant and water resistant canopy
  • Automatic open/close mechanism
  • Flexible canopy
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Great style
  • Convenient to use
  • Well made
  • Good quality
  • Worth the price


  • A bit heavy


When buying an umbrella, you need to consider several factors. These include the construction of each component and the kind of umbrella you need. For travelers and commuters, a compact, lightweight umbrella is ideal. For golfers and beach goers, a golf umbrella provides the largest coverage. It is more of a personal choice and purpose.

For people who prefer lightweight umbrellas that provide enough canopy coverage, the Benkii 60 Mph Windproof 10 Rib Travel Umbrella is a good choice. It has a very strong metal frame that supports the entire construction of the umbrella. The canopy is abrasion resistant and water resistant that bounces off rainwater. Plus, it has a 10 rib construction to withstand strong winds.

It is very convenient too. Users can open or close it with just one hand because of its automatic opening/closing mechanism. It is well made and has a stylish design. Compared to other umbrellas, this Benkii Travel Umbrella is worth the price. It may be a bit heavy but it is small enough to save space inside luggage or bag.

This umbrella is loaded with indispensable features. It comes with a lifetime guarantee too that allows you to return it if you are not fully satisfied. Choose the Benkii Travel Umbrella to protect yourself from sun or rain anytime, anywhere.

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